Do you sell a smart device? Do you really know your users?

Keep your users forever with our connected device personalization API


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Create a bond with your users

Know your user. Enable complete personalization.

Some serious artificial intelligence in play

We get your users. And we get what helps them use your device even more.


Quantify their lifestyle

Use their wearable or mobile device to quickly build their lifestyle graph


Personalized rewards

Learn what motivates your users and what kind of things they’re into. Connect users with others like them instantly.


Get insights from all platforms

We track info from wearables and mobile devices, social media and can even plug into your users’ financial preferences.


Chatbot, chatbot, chatbot!

Your users talk to a near-human, 24/7, to ensure they are always connected to your device.

You are in a good hands

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does this stuff work?

Does Santa get email? Do Mermaids watch Disney? What is fairy dust made of? We don't know. What we do know is that when we combine the data we get from wearable or mobile devices via our mobile apps with our powerful algorithms, we get an accurate lifestyle graph that lets us perfectly personalize your product to the user while respecting their privacy. Yes, this is the stuff real magic is made of.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. We have a bunch of data safety protocols and a half a dozen safety locks on our system so that no one can get to your data except you and our bots. The bots were thoroughly trained to handle data in the most secure manner as well. And of course we encrypt everything so that the data makes no sense to anyone outside the system. Finally, the system is only authorized to get data and not to make transactions.

Do you plan on using my users' data?

We are planning to use it to teach out system to better understand your users' behavior insights and cumulatively, that of others. We will do it in a way that no one will ever have access to your users' specific sensitive data, ever.

What is in my future?

Unicorns, trips to the moon, handsome princes and... the a PEACE of MIND!

The Most Simple & Yet Powerful Way
to create a bond between your users and your product!